Thriving and sustainable community

Beautiful, vibrant cities don't just happen -  they are envisioned and planned.  Policy decisions we make today have a long term impact on our city.  I believe it is our responsibility to make sustainable decisions that promote a thriving Westminster now and in the future.  This is why I have made it a priority to make a citywide commitment to sustainability.  Our actions and investments should have long range social, economic and environmental benefits for our community. We need housing options that meet the needs of all members community, and we need to continue to ensure that affordable housing is still quality housing.  We need the right balance of retail, office and light industrial space to provide our residents with the amenities they want, and jobs they need.  Westminster benefits from our world class open space and trails. We should improve our efforts to limit our environmental impacts, and to protect and maintain, and expand our open spaces.  We need to make sure our city is ready for the impacts of climate change on our ability to provide vital core services, such as water.   While we invest in our roads and streets we need to continue and increase our commitment to public and multi-modal transportation.  I plan to continue to accelerate the implementation of our bike master plan.  We need to continue to invest in our infrastructure and core services.  We can't afford to defer important maintenance and repairs of vital city and community assets.  

Transparent, strategic and effective leadership

We need to lead with integrity.  Our City deserves leaders with integrity and transparency.  I believe it is important to listen closely to all Westminster residents, use their input to inform policy decisions and communicate with our residents as to what policy decisions we as Council have made; clearly present what information and reasoning informed those decisions.  It is important that we ask our residents for input, and that we listen when they provide it. It is vital that we are committed to providing our residents with exceptional value in all city services.  We need to constantly be striving to improve through continuous learning and innovation.

Resilient local economy
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It is important that we build a local economy and job market that is diverse, adaptive and resilient. Through place-making economic development strategies we are working to foster a Westminster that is an attractive community to live, work and play in.  We work to attract and retain businesses both small and large, to provide economic opportunity that benefits all of our residents.  Colorado's economy is booming, and we are well positioned to benefit from this.  However, as we know, boom cycles don't last forever, we must continue to cultivate a local economy that can withstand economic downturns.  Having diverse employers, and businesses of various sizes is critical to this effort. It is also important that we are thoughtful and intentional in how we grow during this period, so we don't lose what we love about our community along the way. 



Vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods

I believe it is the role of City Council to make sure we eliminate barriers that prevent or limit community engagement.  As a Council, we established the Inclusivity Board to help us ensure that all residents have access to the exceptional quality of life we offer, and to provide a forum to offer suggestions on ways to improve.  I will continue to work to support our Historic Arts District and the revitalization of the Harris Park neighborhood.  This area of Westminster is poised for positive change and the city has made a major investment towards making this vision a reality.  All residents should feel safe and secure in our community.  I will continue to promote public safety by supporting our police and fire.  


Anita has worked hard for Westminster during her term on Westminster City Council.  Help us elect Anita Seitz as Westminster's next Mayor in November 2021!