There is so much to be proud of in Westminster. While I have been in office we now have train service from Westminster to Union Station, we have invested in new parks. We have had many new businesses, both small businesses and large employers, locate in our city, providing great high paying jobs for
residents. We have promoted public safety by supporting our first responders. We have partnered with
our school districts, to promote increased educational opportunities for our youth. We have placed an
emphasis on improving our infrastructure, a core responsibility of local government and an area that
was neglected for far too long. We have enjoyed strong revenues that allow us to offer great programs,
parks, and community assets (***please change this phrase. Describe the community assets.) through
intentional and thoughtful economic development. Residents are delighted that after years of waiting,
we saw our old mall transform into the first phase of a downtown, with many openings this spring. We
have strengthened our commitment to diversity, inclusion, environmental stewardship and economic
resilience. I have been a regional leader advocating for state and federal climate action as President of
Colorado Communities for Climate Action, a coalition of 23 local governments dedicated to acting on
this important issue.